We launched our women’s only team in September 2015. While girls and women are always welcome to take part in our other teams, our newest addition to the Pirates family was started to take advantage of the growing interest in women’s only flag and tackle football. We received funding for kit, thanks to the Big Lottery’s Awards for All scheme.

The team compete in the Opal series national championship for women’s flag football, practicing and playing from August – December, and the Sapphire Series women’s national championship for contact football, practicing and playing from October – April. The team are currently practicing from 7-9pm on Wednesday evenings at Crownpoint Sports Centre in Glasgow.

It costs £15 per month to take part in flag only, £20 per month for contact only or £25 to do both, plus league registration fees. Kit is provided on loan.

If you’d like to get involved, please contact info@piratesfootball.co.uk

Flag Coaches
Head Coach / OC– Alan Young
DC – Andrew Gibson
Assistant Defensive Coach – Cameron Shaw
Wide Receivers – Callum Bell
QBs / Asst Offensive Coach – Nicholas Farrell

Contact Coaches
Head Coach / DC– Andrew McGowan
OC – Ian Cochrane
Offensive Coach – Neil Baptie
Offensive Coach – Alastair Adamson
Defensive Coach – Steven Wilson


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