Re-registering as an existing member

**Please note – the BAFA registration system is currently closed for annual maintenance until 1 October**

1. Login to the BAFA portal here – 

Since last season the BAFA portal has been upgraded, so things look a little different. Your Username and Password will be the same as they were when you set up your membership. If you cannot remember the password please select the ‘forgot password’ link. If you have forgotten your Username please contact or ask Amanda to check for you! DO NOT create a new profile.


2. Once logged into the BAFA system, click on ‘my profile’.

reg-2reg-33. Here you’ll find three categories that need completing – Profile, Member Details and BAFA Membership. Please go into each section listed under your photo in the middle of the page and update all the details requested. It’s especially important to make sure your email address and contact address are up to date. You will need to click the yellow Update Details within each section. Kindly note, some sections are mandatory.
The BAFA Membership screen will be something like this:

reg-44. To register, please select Add Membership.

You will be given 4 options. Please select your primary role here –  (not discipline).

  • Contact – if you are a player for any of our teams UNLESS you are a youth flag player aged 13 years
  • Flag – if you are a youth flag player aged 13 years old
  • Coach – if you coach any of our teams but are not also a player
  • Other – physio, stats, photographer, sideline assistant etc

(Note: If you are a player/coach there is a box within Contact for you to tick)

By selecting one of these options you will then be presented with the following:


5. Please complete the details. Your current team should appear here on the drop down menu. Please select the correct option of:

East Kilbride Pirates Adult Contact (senior team)
Hamilton Buccaneers youth contact (14-16 years)
East Kilbride Pirates youth contact (14-16 years)
East Kilbride Pirates junior contact (14-19 years)

East Kilbride Pirates youth flag development (13 years)
Hamilton Buccaneers youth flag development (13 years)

Remember, if you play for one team and also coach with another, you MUST register as a player coach.

Please update your profile with current proof of ID. The system requires two items to be uploaded (upload them as seperate items – not in one batch!), one of which needs to be photo ID. Documents accepted:
• Passport
• Driving Licence
• Identity Card
• Utility Bill
• Bank Statement
• Letter from HMRC

‘Other’ documents can include a letter from your local authority, school, univeristy, employer or similar. Please add any reference numbers included on the document. If no reference number is available please enter xxxx. If your document does not include valid from/expiry dates please enter todays date. The expiry date will automatically be populated with the date that we will require your ID to be updated.

If you are under 18 or registering on behalf of someone under 18, we will accept parental details as proof of address. Under 18s can also upload their Bus or Train pass, Student card or Young Scot card. If no form of photo ID exists then a copy of birth certificate will be accepted. However, please note that should you get to any National Finals competitions then additional photo ID may be requested!

A pending approval message will then appear on the screen if both items have been successfully uploaded. This can be ignored at this time. Scroll down and select finish.


Please check that the details in the payment screen are correct then follow the onscreen instructions to complete your payment.


There will be an option to print your invoice confirmation once you have made your payment. You will also receive your confirmation via email.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact registrations on or Amanda at or by text at 07920 252604.


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