Registering with the British American Football Association

Every year all our players, coaches and staff must register online with the British American Football Association (BAFA). This is mandatory. It provides basic insurance in the case of player injury and is needed for competition entry – without it, players, coaches and staff won’t appear on the roster for games. We also cannot permit unregisted individuals to practice or coach as this will invalidate our team insurance and is against BAFA rules.

The online registration portal is now open, and registration must be completed as soon as possible for women’s flag and contact players and coaches and youth players still practicing by this point and before OTA sessions for adult contact and junior contact players. The process for returning players is simple, and doesn’t take long to complete. Follow our easy instructions to complete your registration.

Please note:

  • All new players will have three trial sessions, after which BAFA registration must be completed in order to continue practicing (and receive kit if under 18.)
  • Registrations for players under 16 years of age must be completed by a parent or guardian.

What you need to do – re-registering (for existing members)
What you need to do – registering for the first time

2019-2020 BAFA registration fees
• Adult Contact player £50
• Women’s Sapphire player £50
• Women’s Opal player £30
• Junior Contact player £15
• Youth Contact player £15
• Youth Flag player £15
• Opal flag coach £45 .50/ player / coach £50.50
• Adult contact coach £57.50 or player / coach £67.50

For other roles and disciplines, visit the full list of BAFA fees.



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