Hall Of Fame

The Club launched a Hall of Fame in 2015 as a culmination of a year of 30th anniversary celebrations. It’s designed to recognise the hard work and achievements of people from throughout the Pirates past who helped make the club what it is today.

2015 inductees

Hall of Fame inductees Jim Dorman, Ian Smith, Derek Ross and Bill Campbell

From left to right (Jim Dorman, Ian Smith, Derek Ross, Bill Campbell)

Derek Ross – a key figure in the formation and development of the club and former club chairman.
Ian Smith – involved with the club for nearly 25 years as player, chairman and laterly a youth coach. Ian was also the club’s longest running chairman to date.
Jim Dorman – veteran defensive lineman, youth head coach and a much loved figure in the club .
Bill Campbell – former club secretary and general manager, Bill is still closely involved with the team as statistician and club historian.


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